That’s all folks…Dida Displays is CLOSED

Well, it’s been a good run. but I’ve finally exhausted my stock of factory made Dida Display components. Given the expense in making new ones and the time and energy it takes me to make playsets it’s time to bring Dida Displays to an end.  I’ve really loved making custom playsets and seeing people display their Megos in them.

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Dida Displays at Mego Meet


The 2014 Mego Meet in Wheeling, WV was the 10th Anniversary Meet. In order to make the trip from California worthwhile I took the opportunity to stage a retrospective of Dida Display Playsets at the show. It was the first time all of the Didas had been displayed at the same time in the same space and it was tremendously enjoyable for all. Austin Hough even brought his X-Men and Iron Man playsets that we custom designed together so it was a packed table indeed.

Dida Displays are still in business, although as you may know I don’t advertise them heavily or even make it readily apparent how to order one! This is because they are pricey custom-made pieces that take a lot of time and effort and I prefer people email me directly and start a conversation about commissioning one of the deluxe playsets. That said, if you are interested in adding a showcase Mego display to your toy room give me a shout and I will send you a price list. P1050244

P1050243 2812 P1050213 2 P1050227 2 P1050232 P1050230 2

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Battlestar Galactica Carrying Case Playset

Here’s my latest, a Battlestar Galactica Carrying Case playset using Dida Displays vinyl panels to go with the BifBangPow BSG figures. The interior is my original artwork painted in photoshop, the exterior is the famous and fabulous art from a copy of the 79 calendar. The front panel is the Milton Bradley game box lid. Adama’s desk is a CTVT wrestling announcer desk and repro Trek chair painted grey. The desk comes with 2 TV monitors that I put together to approximate the monitors on the desk in the show. His is a big round console, but this is a nice solution. Looks commanding.

Seemed like an illustrated Viper was the best I was going to get for these guys, the viper bay is 20 inches long, so it’s impressive in scale, and I love the launch tube addition. This is the first time I’ve added figures into the background of a Dida display, but I wanted the bridge to feel as busy as it is on the show.

As I said in the work in progress thread at the Mego Museum, I wanted the art inside to feel like a retro sci-fi illustration with loose painted brushwork.

Thanks for looking! Let me know if you’d like to commission one.

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Detolfs love Didas

While many Dida playsets are quite large, the nice thing about Dida Displays is that they are built to break down into smaller display sets or can even act as their own collectible shelves. Most of the time my Lost figures are in an Ikea Detolf and the various parts from my giant Swan Station fit inside it to make for an interesting display.

The Detolf shown below has a mixture of DIY Display walls and Simple Backdrop walls on each shelf. I also customized the Detolf to add two extra shelves and make them fit Didas better. (See info below gallery)

Adding Shelves to a Detolf: The Detolf has been modified to reduce the shelf size from 15″ high to 10″ high, thus adding 2 more shelves and making for a better Mego sized fit. I found this tip on other collector websites. 1/8″ rope clips that you can usually get at a local hardware store will grip the support rods of a Detolf securely. The glass shelf rests on the bolts. I had 2 pieces of glass cut to size to match the original Detolf shelves. Each of these new shelves is about 10 inches high to accommodate a Dida panel. One mine the third shelf from the top is only 9 1/2″, it is resting on the existing detolf side rods so I trimmed the Dida down to size, but if you wanted to do each as 10 inches tall you could.



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Brick Mantooth’s Bachelor Pad and Carrying Case

I am doing 2 different kinds cases for the Brick Mantooth figure, a carry-cube playset of Brick’s fabulous Bachelor Pad and a small carrying case reminiscent of a classic fashion doll carrying case. Brick’s artwork is also be available for some simplified backdrops (see below).

Cost is $130 shipped in the USA.

Or pay the total upfront for one Brick Mantooth Bachelor Pad Playset $130 shipped


The Bachelor Pad playset is 10x10x10 cube that opens up to a 30 inch wide display of Brick’s Penthouse apartment. It comes with a plastic mini-bar by Lasermego.



Mirror on the wall. Reel to reel hi-fi by JCPenney, of course.


Sunken living room with a groovy fireplace and a stunning view of the city. Open the door to the bedroom….


The door to the bedroom is hinged and opens up to reveal an attached closet with a hanger rod and 4 lasercut plastic hangers and a 3 sided mirror so Brick can check out his fabulous self.




Brick Mantooth Bachelor Pad Playset $130 shipped

Brick Mantooth Carrying Case $65 shipped

The Brick Mantooth Carrying case is 10x10x3. It can hold up to 4 figures.




Brick Mantooth Carrying Case $65 shipped


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DIY Displays

DIY Display $20.00: (plus $10.50 shipping within US) The DIY Display comes shipped as one piece that has 6 connected panels which can be cut apart to form various backdrop configurations. All surfaces have clear overlay for inserting artwork. Using a straight edge and a utility knife or X-acto blade, cut the panels apart (removing also the 6 tabs on the sides) to form the display style you prefer. Add $18 each for up to 2 additional DIY Kits.


Create 3 two-panel backdrops, each 10"x10"


Create 2 display corners 10 inches square


Create 2 three-panel backdrops, each panel is 10"x10"


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Update: Brick’s Bachelor Pad

Brick Mantooth, the World’s Greatest Action Figure, is finally arriving in mailboxes across this great land. You didn’t think his Dida Display would be far behind, did you?

It will be a A Carry Cube playset that has this brightly colored art on the outside. The bottom part of this image shows the 4 panels of the box exterior. The top square with Brick’s head will be the lid to the cube. The figures shown on the grey background will actually be laminated stand-up party guests you can cut out!

The cube opens up to a 3 panel stage. On the left, the mini-bar area with an illustrated stereo cabinet and a gaudy mirror frame that will have a reflective mylar insert. (Mini-bar prop from Lasermego shown below). Illustrated sunken living room with fireplace and penthouse view. Then the third panel leads to the boudoir. It will have a door that opens and has a box attached that will act as a closet with a full length mirror on the other side. It’s gonna be fun!

Estimated price: $125.00 shipping within US included.

The fabulous mini-bar is made by, exclusive to DidaDisplays.  Crystal ashtry included. Bar accessories not included. Add a USB recordable sound chip for loading up your favorite funky tunes.





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Video Tutorials

Watch a video tutorial on how to assemble your Carry Cube. Part 1

Carry Cube Assembly Part 2

Creating and inserting artwork in Display box and Carrying Case floors. The Dida Roof/Floor is 22 inches wide x 9 inches deep. Rather than printing an expensive, large piece of art, join 2 pieces together.


Artwork in the Carrying Case Big Door. Demonstrates inserting art into the Big Door and it’s attachment tabs.


Inserting Artwork into Display box and Carrying Case Attachment Tabs This is an advanced technique to create a seamless look for a carrying case playset.

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The Mego Museum Super Collector Display

I’ve put together this simple backdrop display for the Mego Museum Super Collector. It is pre-assembled and fits together in one easy snap. The floor artwork is a sealed triangle piece that was created for the very first run of Dida MegoMuseum Tri-boxes. The floors come in a variety of WGSH inspired colored schemes, you will receive a randomly chosen floor color.

On SALE for a limited time. $21 shipped!

$21.00 Flat-Rate Priority mail shipping within U.S.A. included.

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A Dida Display in Action

I’m not the only artist making custom playsets with Dida Displays. Check out this great review of The Toyroom’s Justice League Satellite playset built using Dida Displays. Originally conceived for 8inch Megos, it is also a great display for 6 inch DC figures!

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