Display Boxes and Backdrops

Dida Displays can be self-contained Display Boxes complete with sliding glass doors or simple freestanding backdrops that dress up your existing display shelves. All surfaces have clear overlay for inserting artwork (sold separately). Use artwork templates to create and print your own custom background artwork or choose from the Dida Artwork store.

22 inches wide, 10 inches tall and 9 inches deep, Display Boxes are the base of all Dida Displays playsets. They allow you to create a vinyl playset that also acts as it’s own display case, complete with sliding plexiglass doors. Display Boxes can even be stacked up to four high to create a unique and impressive display shelf.

p1040336Display Box $35.00 (plus $12 shipping within the US): This is the basic Dida Display box –the roof and floor screw to the wall to form the vinyl box. All surfaces have clear overlay for inserting artwork. 

Add a Plexiglass door cover for $15 each. You can add a sliding plexiglass front to your Display Box to create a secure and dust-free display that can even be stacked as a shelf. It can be done two ways, just let me know which method you prefer:


A) Two 9.75″ x 11″ plexiglass panels slide into double tracks that adhere to the roof and floor of the box. This creates a more standard display case look where the two panels intersect in the middle of the viewing area and opening the case to reposition items inside is very easy.  Tracks are not removable once they are adhered. See closeup


B) One single plexiglass panel 9.75″ x 22″ slides into single tracks that slip onto the floor and roof of the box. This creates an uninterrupted viewing area but can be less convenient to open and close.


A great way to decorate your existing display shelves with cool artwork that has that vintage vinyl feel, I find Backdrop Displays are particularly nice in my Ikea Detolf shelves, but any bookcase display will benefit from decorated vinyl backdrops. These are an inexpensive alternative to Display Boxes and have no assembly required.

p1040346Simple Backdrop Display $10.00 (plus $10.50 shipping within US). This is the standard 3 part wall that is used in Displayboxes and Carrying Cases. The panels measure (10×10, 10×13, 10×10). Note that the panels do have hole punches in the corners. They will be virtually invisible when artwork is inserted.

Add  up to 4  additional backdrops $9 each (shipping included). 

p1040338Display Stage $22.00 (plus $12 shipping within the US): This is the Dida Display box minus the roof. The floor screws to the wall to form the vinyl display stage. All surfaces have clear overlay for inserting artwork. Stage is 22′ wide x 10″ tall x 9″ deep. Perfect for most bookshelves.

Add  up to 4  additional stages $18 each (shipping included). 

DIY Display $20.00: (plus $10.50 shipping within US) The DIY Display comes shipped as one piece that has 6 connected panels which can be cut apart to form various backdrop configurations. All surfaces have clear overlay for inserting artwork. Using a straight edge and a utility knife or X-acto blade, cut the panels apart (removing also the 6 tabs on the sides) to form the display style you prefer. Add $18 each for up to 2 additional DIY Kits.


Create 3 two-panel backdrops, each 10"x10"


Create 2 display corners 10 inches square


Create 2 three-panel backdrops, each panel is 10"x10"



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