Battlestar Galactica Carrying Case Playset

Here’s my latest, a Battlestar Galactica Carrying Case playset using Dida Displays vinyl panels to go with the BifBangPow BSG figures. The interior is my original artwork painted in photoshop, the exterior is the famous and fabulous art from a copy of the 79 calendar. The front panel is the Milton Bradley game box lid. Adama’s desk is a CTVT wrestling announcer desk and repro Trek chair painted grey. The desk comes with 2 TV monitors that I put together to approximate the monitors on the desk in the show. His is a big round console, but this is a nice solution. Looks commanding.

Seemed like an illustrated Viper was the best I was going to get for these guys, the viper bay is 20 inches long, so it’s impressive in scale, and I love the launch tube addition. This is the first time I’ve added figures into the background of a Dida display, but I wanted the bridge to feel as busy as it is on the show.

As I said in theĀ work in progress thread at the Mego Museum, I wanted the art inside to feel like a retro sci-fi illustration with loose painted brushwork.

Thanks for looking! Let me know if you’d like to commission one.

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