Brick Mantooth’s Bachelor Pad and Carrying Case

I am doing 2 different kinds cases for the Brick Mantooth figure, a carry-cube playset of Brick’s fabulous Bachelor Pad and a small carrying case reminiscent of a classic fashion doll carrying case. Brick’s artwork is also be available for some simplified backdrops (see below).

Cost is $130 shipped in the USA.

Or pay the total upfront for oneĀ Brick Mantooth Bachelor Pad Playset $130 shipped


The Bachelor Pad playset is 10x10x10 cube that opens up to a 30 inch wide display of Brick’s Penthouse apartment. It comes with a plastic mini-bar by Lasermego.



Mirror on the wall. Reel to reel hi-fi by JCPenney, of course.


Sunken living room with a groovy fireplace and a stunning view of the city. Open the door to the bedroom….


The door to the bedroom is hinged and opens up to reveal an attached closet with a hanger rod and 4 lasercut plastic hangers and a 3 sided mirror so Brick can check out his fabulous self.




Brick Mantooth Bachelor Pad Playset $130 shipped

Brick Mantooth Carrying Case $65 shipped

The Brick Mantooth Carrying case is 10x10x3. It can hold up to 4 figures.




Brick Mantooth Carrying Case $65 shipped


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