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Back in the Space business?

New consoles? Heck yeah! I’ve been turning down orders for the Space Command sets for awhile because I had run out of the vinyl consoles in needed, and making more at the factory meant ordering a larger run of them … Continue reading

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Another Review! Matt got his Space Command!

Another Space Command Review! This time from Matthew Amy at’s one of my most enthusiastic and patient customers and I’m thrilled that he’s so thrilled with his set. This guy knows his playsets, check out his Playmate’s scaled custom … Continue reading

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A Dida Review from the good folks at We Are Small!

I’ve been a fan and booster of Jason deWitt at wearesmall for 10 years now, dating back to the earliest days at the Mego Museum. He’s an artistic force of nature who has created an amazing world of original characters … Continue reading

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Production Update

Here’s an update on our progress delivering pre-orders. The bottom line is that both Stately Caverns and Space Command should be shipped within the the next two weeks. Stately Caverns is going very well. The walls are almost all done, … Continue reading

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Space Command Production Update

Consoles, consoles, consoles! I put a big batch of these together this week. It involves first inserting the snaps that will hold it to the wall, then folding the console together and closing it with rivets. Took me a while … Continue reading

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