Detolfs love Didas

While many Dida playsets are quite large, the nice thing about Dida Displays is that they are built to break down into smaller display sets or can even act as their own collectible shelves. Most of the time my Lost figures are in an Ikea Detolf and the various parts from my giant Swan Station fit inside it to make for an interesting display.

The Detolf shown below has a mixture of DIY Display walls and Simple Backdrop walls on each shelf. I also customized the Detolf to add two extra shelves and make them fit Didas better. (See info below gallery)

Adding Shelves to a Detolf: The Detolf has been modified to reduce the shelf size from 15″ high to 10″ high, thus adding 2 more shelves and making for a better Mego sized fit. I found this tip on other collector websites. 1/8″ rope clips that you can usually get at a local hardware store will grip the support rods of a Detolf securely. The glass shelf rests on the bolts. I had 2 pieces of glass cut to size to match the original Detolf shelves. Each of these new shelves is about 10 inches high to accommodate a Dida panel. One mine the third shelf from the top is only 9 1/2″, it is resting on the existing detolf side rods so I trimmed the Dida down to size, but if you wanted to do each as 10 inches tall you could.



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