Dida Displays at Mego Meet


The 2014 Mego Meet in Wheeling, WV was the 10th Anniversary Meet. In order to make the trip from California worthwhile I took the opportunity to stage a retrospective of Dida Display Playsets at the show. It was the first time all of the Didas had been displayed at the same time in the same space and it was tremendously enjoyable for all. Austin Hough even brought his X-Men and Iron Man playsets that we custom designed together so it was a packed table indeed.

Dida Displays are still in business, although as you may know I don’t advertise them heavily or even make it readily apparent how to order one! This is because they are pricey custom-made pieces that take a lot of time and effort and I prefer people email me directly and start a conversation about commissioning one of the deluxe playsets. That said, if you are interested in adding a showcase Mego display to your toy room give me a shout and I will send you a price list. P1050244

P1050243 2812 P1050213 2 P1050227 2 P1050232 P1050230 2

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