Under Construction

Dida Displays is back in business! ┬áI’m redoing the website and will be ready to accept orders very soon. In the meantime, please subscribe to my mailing list so I can keep you posted. Thanks!

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Carry Cube

Carry Cube $45 (shipping to US ┬áincluded) Now in stock! This Carrying Cube comes as a kit with the panels pre-cut and the holes pre-punched. It includes the brass clasp, hardware and connecting tracks to create a 10×10 cube shaped carrying case that opens up to a 30″x10″ display stage/playset. Does not include artwork. Choose from our artwork menu or create your own designs.

Watch a Carry Cube in Action

Watch a video tutorial on how to assemble your Carry Cube. Part 1

Assembly Part 2

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Bridge instructions

Here are some photos to show how the Bridge goes together. A strip of black vinyl with a snap in it is included. Use this to “break in” each snap on the floorboards before snapping the walls in place. Just a couple of times will make the snap go together better.

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Didas on Display at home

I’ve finally got just about everyone into a Dida Display stacked as high as they will go with sliding glass covers on all of them. I really like design and playing with the large deluxe playsets I make, but for space reasons (my collection lives in a closet) I prefer to set them up in shelf form, which is exactly why I designed them that way.

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Back in the Space business?

New consoles? Heck yeah!

I’ve been turning down orders for the Space Command sets for awhile because I had run out of the vinyl consoles in needed, and making more at the factory meant ordering a larger run of them than I was able to do. So I went to my good friend Paul Wasson at LaserMego.com and we cooked up a plastic alternative that I think is a real winner. They can be made on an as needed basis. They are also fun because you get to cut out and apply the stickers yourself,just like Mego. Some assembly is required–rather than snapping them to the wall, they use rivet style screws. This is an improvement as some folks had trouble snapping the vinyl consoles in place.

I think the plastic is perfectly in keeping with the Mego aesthetic, though I loved the vinyl consoles I designed, they were in a way above and beyond the call of duty.

So if you’ve been wanting to get one of these sets, now is the time. I will be out of Dida the other Dida parts so I won’t be able to make these for ever. Get yours now…The Legion of Doom playset is coming soon, and a certain Ape village is right around the corner. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, here’s some tasty pictures of the Space Command Expanded Carry Case Playset.

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Mego Western Heroes Shadow Horse Sticker

Someone was asking what this looked like. We only made a few of these stickers, I think I have one. Like the Batmobile it’s a simple pop graphic treatment of a photographed toy. The painted image is from the Mego box art.

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Spider-Man still going strong

My 17 month old son claimed this Mego Spider-Man for his own. It’s actually the oldest Mego I have. I bought him in 1983 in Belen, New Mexico at a dime store. I had given my Megos away a few years earlier in a gesture to grow up and stop playing with dolls, but I justified the purchase because I was drawing a lot of comic books and wanted him as a model to pose. My mom even sewed up the costume so it was more tight fitting. He hung by a string over my drawing baord for years, eventually all the color faded from his hands due to the sunlight and the seams have started to give. But he’s a good Mego and he’s my son’s very own “Spy-aderrr–manAH”.

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The Chair Project Fails

So, I’m sad to report that I think the chair project is officially a failure. After 6 months I’ve finally had it with the endless excuses and what I suspect to be lies coming from the man who I paid to make the molds for these plastic chairs. Needless to say I made a mistake taking him at his word and paying upfront for almost all of the fee he agreed to. I had faith that as a professional with 25 years experience as a mold maker he’d come through. So I will be forced to refund money out of my own pocket to my customers and chalk it up as yet another expensive learning experience.

If you found this post because you are considering hiring Dave LaRoche of Newark, California for your injection molding plastic project take my advice and don’t.

While he is a nice guy with the equipment and expertise to do the job he’s not reliable at all. After countless emails pushing to get paid he became impossible to get a hold of after that. He came up with a series of pathetic excuses why he couldn’t do the job, from sickness, to lost parts, to several ‘buddies’ that he need to borrow stuff from, to his shop having to move entirely in a landlord dispute. Worst of all, he complained that the price he bid was too low, effectively taking my money and then refusing to do the job because it wasn’t enough.

I’ll be contacting my pre-order customers individually about their refunds. Thanks.

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Small Chair Update

My injection molding mold-maker, Dave Laroche, is working on the mold for the chairs we want to make. I hope to post good news here soon.

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Carry THIS Batcave Home! Dida News Update.

It’s been a while since I’ve done an update, but this new Batcave Carry Case Playset from The Toyroom is too good not to shout about! Anthony has done a number of fabulous custom playsets using Dida Display carrying case boxes. Stunning in it’s ambition, it’s two display boxes strapped together into a 20″x22″ case that opens up into a massive set that includes a drop down cave entrance for the Batmobile. The artwork is full of comic accurate details sure to please the geekyest of Batman geeks. Check it out! If the Stately Caverns from Dida Displays doesn’t float your boat (or fly your Bat) this might do the trick!

An update on the Star Trek Style crew chairs: The toolmaker who was contracted to make the mold has finally relocated his shop and is almost back up and running. I cannot say when chairs might be a reality, I’m certainly pushing as hard as I reasonably can. The good folks who put up the pre-order money have all agreed to remain patient. I hope to have good news soon.

Things have been slow on the new product front from me. An Apes playset and a Legion of Doom are still works in progress. They are very promising, but generating the artwork has been backburnered due to work and family priorities. I hope to make some progress in the next two months.

I do have a new version of the TRIBOX to show you. The Tri-box can now be taken apart and put back together as a stage display. This can be done using any existing Dida Artwork combination.

I do anticipate having some more time in February to build playsets. If you have been thinking of ordering one of my existing sets please let me know. I’d like to do a bunch at once if I can get advance notice. My policy is to take a deposit of $50 on large sets and $25 on smaller ones and then get the balance when the set if completed and ready to ship. That can be 6-8 weeks depending on my schedule.

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