Displays for Toys

Dida Displays offer 3 types of display options:

Simple Backdrop Display $10.00 (plus $10.50 shipping within US). This is the standard 3 part wall that is used in Displayboxes and Carrying Cases. The panels measure (10×10, 10×13, 10×10). Note that the panels do have hole punches in the corners for snaps.

$20.50 shipped. Add $10 each for additional backdrops. Shipping is the same.

Duo-Display Kit $23.00: (plus $10.50 shipping within US) The DIY Display comes shipped as one piece that has 6 connected panels which can be cut apart to form 2 separate backdrops or one larger backdrop with floor. See diagram below. There are clear vinyl art pockets on one side and flat black vinyl on the other. Using a straight edge and a utility knife or X-acto blade, can cut the panels apart (removing also the 6 tabs on the sides) to form the display style you prefer.

$33.50 shipped. Add $21 for up to 2 additional DIY Kits . Shipping is the same.

Display Box with Plexiglass Door option $35.00 (plus $12 shipping within the US): This is the basic Dida Display box. Roof and floor screw to the wall to form the vinyl box and includes two slip-on tracks for a sliding plexiglass cover (not included–have your local plastic supplier, frame shop or hardware store cut a 22″x9.75″ plexiglass panel). It makes for a secure and dust-free display that can even be stacked as a shelf. Insert artwork to decorate inside and outside walls, floors, etc.

$47 shipped

The basic Dida Display Box

Didas stacked 3 high create an impressive, attractive, and useful display shelf.

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