Update: Brick’s Bachelor Pad

Brick Mantooth, the World’s Greatest Action Figure, is finally arriving in mailboxes across this great land. You didn’t think his Dida Display would be far behind, did you?

It will be a A Carry Cube playset that has this brightly colored art on the outside. The bottom part of this image shows the 4 panels of the box exterior. The top square with Brick’s head will be the lid to the cube. The figures shown on the grey background will actually be laminated stand-up party guests you can cut out!

The cube opens up to a 3 panel stage. On the left, the mini-bar area with an illustrated stereo cabinet and a gaudy mirror frame that will have a reflective mylar insert. (Mini-bar prop from Lasermego shown below). Illustrated sunken living room with fireplace and penthouse view. Then the third panel leads to the boudoir. It will have a door that opens and has a box attached that will act as a closet with a full length mirror on the other side. It’s gonna be fun!

Estimated price: $125.00 shipping within US included.

The fabulous mini-bar is made by Lasermego.com., exclusive to DidaDisplays.  Crystal ashtry included. Bar accessories not included. Add a USB recordable sound chip for loading up your favorite funky tunes.





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