Video Tutorials

Watch a video tutorial on how to assemble your Carry Cube. Part 1

Carry Cube Assembly Part 2

Creating and inserting artwork in Display box and Carrying Case floors. The Dida Roof/Floor is 22 inches wide x 9 inches deep. Rather than printing an expensive, large piece of art, join 2 pieces together.


Artwork in the Carrying Case Big Door. Demonstrates inserting art into the Big Door and it’s attachment tabs.


Inserting Artwork into Display box and Carrying Case Attachment Tabs This is an advanced technique to create a seamless look for a carrying case playset.

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One Response to Video Tutorials

  1. Brown Bear says:

    These videos are perfect for new customers like me. Watching these are helpful and get me excited to tinker with my own carry cube.

    Looking forward to more tutorials.

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